Edible Oils and Ghee

Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil
Cold Pressed Coconut Oil
Cold Pressed Mustard Oil
Cold Pressed Safflower Oil
Cold Pressed Sasame Oil

Pure Indian Breed Cow Ghee – Made from pure and unadulterated indian breed Cow milk, every spoon …

We offer significant varieties of oils as well, some of them are:

Groundnut Oil – One of the most highly used oils is the groundnut oil. We ensure that throughout the pressing techniques, all kinds of toxins are eliminated to bring out only pure oil from the nuts.

Coconut Oil – The coconut oil is extracted from rich and mature kernels that yield consistent quality of the oil. It is extensively used in cooking as well as hair care.

Mustard Oil –We are equipped with the latest technology to extract the oil through various grinding and pressing methods. The resulting oil is of the accurate level of pungency that is fit for consumption.

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