Basmati Royal
Govind Bhog Rice
Lachkari Kolam Rice

HMT Kolam Rice
Sona Masuri Rice (Raw)

Idli Rice

Basmati Rice Rozana
Sona Masuri Rice (Steam)

Ambemohar Rice
1121 Basmati Steam Rice
Sona Masuri Rice (Steam)

Ambemohar Rice

Superior quality grains of rice need special attention right from the time they are harvested until are polished and packed. Dedicating that kind of attention to detail is one of our fortes. From premium, aged Basmati rice and the indispensable kolam rice to steam rice and the simple Idli rice, we offer fine quality rice. These rice grains are treated in natural and chemical free ways of processing wherein the husk and bran are separated to present the edible part of the grain, in its most authentic form. All of this is done while retaining the natural and wholesome goodness of the rice grains that reach you as an end product.

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