Whole Spices

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Coriander Seeds
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Til White(Polished)

Whole spices are known to enhance the flavor of the food. Unlike the ground spices that penetrate the elements of food, the whole spices elevate the aroma of the complete recipe. We put extra efforts in making sure that the freshness and the wholesome quality of the spices are retained for longer periods. Retention of these qualities plays a key role in the success of delivering whole spices in their optimal state.
Handling the spices well is the next important task for whole spices category. These spices need extra care when it comes to storing them as it is a factor that makes a huge difference to the resultant taste. In case the spices are dried and stored in an incorrect manner, they may lose their authentic flavor. By using natural methods of drying and taking appropriate measures to store and pack them right, we are able to deliver flavorful whole spices to you.
Whether they are the smallest grains of pepper or largest leaves of Tej Patta, every kind of whole spices at Govardhan Naturals are treated with the same level of care to derive best results. We provide myriad types of spices that range from Jeera, Sesame seeds, Chilies, Tamarind and Laung to Ajwain, Starflower, Saunf and lots more. We also have a multitude of varieties in some of the above-mentioned spices, to compliment all forms of culinary delights.

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